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Aclarion (NASDAQ:ACON) operates at the intersection of healthcare and technology, focusing on developing and commercializing innovative solutions to improve the management of neurological health conditions. By leveraging advanced analytics, machine learning, and proprietary algorithms, Aclarion aims to transform the diagnosis and treatment processes for chronic pain and other neurological disorders. The company's projects span from non-invasive diagnostic tools to patient-centered treatment plans, all designed with the goal of enhancing patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. Aclarion's objectives are rooted in driving innovation, securing new partnerships, and expanding its market presence to provide accessible and efficient healthcare solutions for patients worldwide.
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Health Care

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Broomfield, United States

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Year Founded
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/Software Development /Artificial Intelligence /Data Analysis / IT Consulting /Cybersecurity Solutions /Project Management

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Overview of Aclarion offerings
Nociscan platform, a non-invasive diagnostic tool for detecting spinal pain sources by evaluating chemical changes in discs.
Spinal health assessment services, leveraging advanced imaging technologies for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
Patient-specific treatment planning tools, integrating diagnostic data to tailor pain management and therapy approaches.
Collaborative research projects aimed at advancing spinal care through innovative technologies and methodologies.
Educational resources for healthcare professionals, focusing on cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment techniques for spinal disorders.
Partnerships with healthcare providers to implement and utilize diagnostic technologies for improved patient care.

Who is in the executive team of Aclarion?

Aclarion leadership team
  • Dr. Jeffrey John Thramann M.D.
    Dr. Jeffrey John Thramann M.D.
    Executive Chairman
  • Mr. John  Lorbiecki
    Mr. John Lorbiecki
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Ryan  Bond
    Mr. Ryan Bond
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Mr. Brent  Ness
    Mr. Brent Ness
    CEO, President & Director