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ACDC Metals (ASX:ADC) is an integrated mineral exploration and rare earth technology company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Their primary focus is on developing heavy mineral sands (HMS) projects located in the eastern Murray Basin, Victoria, with the ultimate goal of producing valuable minerals like zircon and titanium. Additionally, they hold interests in advanced exploration projects targeting rare earth elements (REEs) like neodymium and praseodymium, critical for clean energy technologies. ACDC possesses a proprietary Medallion Monazite Process (MMP) technology, licensed from Medallion Resources (TSXV:MDL), for extracting REEs from monazite sand, potentially offering a cost-effective and sustainable solution. The company is currently engaged in exploration, resource definition, and feasibility studies across its projects, aiming to transition into a significant producer of both HMS and REEs in the future.
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Melbourne, Australia

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/Mineral Sands /Rare Earth Elements /REE /Mining /Exploration /Resources /Victoria /Zircon /Titanium

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Overview of ACDC Metals offerings
Goschen Central Project: This project consists of 4 granted exploration licences and 2 licence applications encompassing a total area of approximately 385km² in the Murray Basin, Victoria. It is considered highly prospective for HMS, containing valuable minerals like zircon, rutile, and titanium dioxide.
Douglas Project: Located approximately 30km west of Goschen, the Douglas Project comprises 2 exploration licences covering an area of 121km². Initial exploration results indicate potential for HMS mineralisation similar to Goschen Central.
Watchem Project: This project encompasses 3 granted exploration licences and 1 licence application across an area of approximately 315km² in the Murray Basin. It is considered highly prospective for REEs, particularly neodymium and praseodymium, critical components for electric vehicle batteries and magnets.
Rare Earth Elements (REEs): ACDC utilises the Medallion Monazite Process (MMP), licensed from Medallion Resources (TSXV:MDL).

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ACDC Metals leadership team
  • Mr. Thomas  Davidson
    Mr. Thomas Davidson
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Mark Stephen Saxon B.Sc.(Hons), FAUSIMM, GDipAppFin, MAIG, MAusIMM
    Mr. Mark Stephen Saxon B.Sc.(Hons), FAUSIMM, GDipAppFin, MAIG, MAusIMM
    Executive Director
  • Mr. Andrew John Draffin B.Bus, B.Com., CA
    Mr. Andrew John Draffin B.Bus, B.Com., CA
    Company Secretary