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What does 36Kr do?
36Kr (NASDAQ:KRKR) is a diverse media company primarily known for its dynamic coverage on technology startups and emerging businesses in China. With a multifaceted platform that includes news reporting, online data analysis, business services, and financial services, 36Kr seeks to empower entrepreneurs and investors by providing them with valuable insights and market trends. The company's projects span across various sectors, aiming to foster innovation and growth within the tech ecosystem. Objectives of 36Kr involve expanding its influence in the tech news domain, enhancing its data analysis capabilities, and developing more comprehensive business solutions to serve startups and investors better. 36Kr is focused on building a bridge between innovative businesses and potential growth opportunities, making it a vital resource in China's rapidly evolving tech landscape.
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What sector is 36Kr in?

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Communication Services

Where is the head office for 36Kr?

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Head Office
Beijing, China

What year was 36Kr founded?

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Year Founded
What does 36Kr specialise in?
/Business Services /Investment Management /News Curation /Startup Database /Corporate Branding /Technology Insights

What are the products and/or services of 36Kr?

Overview of 36Kr offerings
Enterprise services offering marketing and advertising solutions tailored to businesses aiming to enhance their brand presence in the Chinese market.
KrSpace, a provision of co-working spaces designed to support start-ups and SMEs with flexible office solutions.
News and information services, focusing on delivering high-quality content related to technology, startups, and business trends primarily to a Chinese audience.
Online advertising services, leveraging its platform to provide targeted advertising solutions to a wide range of clients.
KrASIA, a platform dedicated to covering tech and startup ecosystems in Asia, aimed at English-speaking audiences interested in Asian market trends.
Investment and financing consultancy services, assisting start-ups and growth-stage companies in navigating fundraising processes.

Who is in the executive team of 36Kr?

36Kr leadership team
  • Mr. Dagang  Feng
    Mr. Dagang Feng
    Co-Chairman & CEO
  • Mr. Chengcheng  Liu
    Mr. Chengcheng Liu
    Founder & Co-Chairman
  • Ms. Lin  Wei
    Ms. Lin Wei
    CFO & Director
  • Ms. Yang  Li
    Ms. Yang Li
    Chief Content Officer & Director