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What does 22nd Century Group do?
22nd Century Group (NASDAQ:XXII) focuses on biotechnology, striving to decrease the harm caused by smoking through its proprietary tobacco products that have reduced nicotine content. Additionally, the company works on hemp/cannabis research to develop new plant varieties with specific cannabinoid profiles. With a mission geared towards improving health and reducing the impacts of smoking, 22nd Century Group is dedicated to advancing agricultural biotechnology projects and bringing to market tobacco with potentially less addictive properties, alongside exploring the growing potentials of cannabis for various uses. This combination of objectives underscores their commitment to public health and innovation in plant science.
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Consumer Staples

Where is the head office for 22nd Century Group?

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Williamsville, United States

What year was 22nd Century Group founded?

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Year Founded
What does 22nd Century Group specialise in?
/Tobacco Products /Genetic Engineering /Reduced Nicotine /Research Services /Cannabis Research /Hemp Cultivation

What are the products and/or services of 22nd Century Group?

Overview of 22nd Century Group offerings
VLN cigarettes, designed to contain 95% less nicotine compared to traditional cigarettes, aiming to help smokers reduce their nicotine consumption.
Development of proprietary tobacco plants with non-addictive levels of nicotine, to support the creation of reduced-risk tobacco products.
Research and production of hemp/cannabis plants with specific cannabinoid profiles for medical, wellness, and pharmaceutical applications.
Genetically engineered tobacco and hemp plants for improved crop yields and resistance to diseases and pests, enhancing agricultural efficiency.
Sublicensing of their technology and plant varieties to other companies in the tobacco and hemp industries, diversifying their revenue streams.
Consultancy services for biotechnology and agricultural firms, leveraging their expertise in plant biotechnology and genetics.

Who is in the executive team of 22nd Century Group?

22nd Century Group leadership team
  • Mr. James A. Mish
    Mr. James A. Mish
    Corporate President, Member of Scientific Advisory Board & Director
  • Mr. R. Hugh Kinsman
    Mr. R. Hugh Kinsman
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. John J. Miller
    Mr. John J. Miller
    COO & Executive Officer
  • Mr. Lawrence D. Firestone
    Mr. Lawrence D. Firestone
    Chairman & CEO
  • Matthew  Kreps
    Matthew Kreps
    Investor Relations
  • Mr. James C. Morrison
    Mr. James C. Morrison
    Technical Advisor & Regulatory Affairs Consultant