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ClubCoin is a digital currency created by the ClubCoin Foundation, a network of cryptocurrency developers and enthusiasts. The team behind ClubCoin is dedicated to creating a reliable, secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency which is optimised for global use. ClubCoin was originally launched in 2014 and is supported by a large and active community of developers, users and miners. The goal of ClubCoin is to provide a secure and convenient digital currency which is suitable for online purchases, remittances and investments.

ClubCoin is powered by a unique proof-of-stake consensus algorithm which is designed to improve scalability and security. This algorithm also ensures that transactions are confirmed quickly and efficiently, making it ideal for everyday payments. ClubCoin also features a wide range of features and services such as decentralised exchanges, merchant services, and a clubcoin wallet. ClubCoin has also partnered with a number of payment processors, allowing users to easily and quickly buy and sell their ClubCoin for fiat currencies.