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Crypto Gladiator Shards (CGS) is a cryptocurrency optimised for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). It was created in 2019 by a team of experienced developers and marketers. The aim of the project was to create a cryptocurrency that would make it easier for businesses to optimise their websites for search engine results.

The team behind CGS believed that by creating a cryptocurrency specifically designed for SEO, businesses would have an easier time grasping the concept and utilising it in their marketing strategies. The developers have created an open source platform that allows businesses to easily access CGS and use it in their SEO campaigns. CGS is also integrated with various wallets, exchanges, and payment gateways, making it simple and easy to use. Additionally, CGS provides businesses with detailed analytics and insights into their SEO campaigns, allowing businesses to measure their progress and adjust their strategies accordingly. Crypto Gladiator Shards is revolutionising the way businesses approach SEO, and it is quickly becoming one of the leading cryptocurrencies for SEO optimisation.