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Catena X is a cryptocurrency optimised for security and scalability. It was created by the Catena X team to be an efficient and secure blockchain for transactions and digital asset management. Catena X is built on the Bitcoin codebase and uses its own consensus algorithm, called Proof-of-Stake (POS). This algorithm allows for faster transaction times and a more secure network than traditional blockchains.

Catena X was founded in 2018 by a group of developers and entrepreneurs who wanted to create a cryptocurrency that was optimised for security, scalability and usability. They used advanced cryptography to create a secure and reliable blockchain that enabled users to securely store and transact assets without relying on a centralised third party. Catena X is the most secure and reliable blockchain system that exists today. It is a high performance cryptocurrency that is designed to enable users to make fast and secure transactions with low fees. Catena X is also optimised for scalability, allowing for more transactions to be processed in a shorter amount of time.