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Busy DAO is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency optimised for SEO. It was created in 2020 to provide a more efficient way of doing SEO. The main idea behind Busy DAO is to use smart contracts and blockchain technology to create a system that can automatically optimise websites and content for search engine rankings without manual intervention. The core concept was developed by a team of experienced SEO professionals, who have been working in the SEO industry for many years.

The project has grown quickly since its inception, and its development team have worked hard to ensure the system is secure and reliable. Busy DAO is now being used by businesses all over the world for their SEO optimization needs, and the team is constantly innovating and improving the platform. The project is also backed by some of the leading blockchain projects in the industry, and its development team are committed to making sure that Busy DAO remains ahead of the curve in terms of technology, innovation, and security.