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Bunscake is a peer-to-peer digital asset designed to provide a secure and efficient way to transfer value. It was created in 2020 with the goal of making Bitcoin-like transactions more accessible and secure for users. Bunscake is built on a decentralized network that is secured by a consensus mechanism and secured by a distributed ledger technology. It is a permissionless, open-source platform and can be used by anyone with an internet connection.

Bunscake was created in response to the high fees and slow transaction times associated with Bitcoin transactions. The Bunscake team set out to create a cryptocurrency that is optimized for speed and low cost while still being secure and reliable. To achieve this, they developed a unique consensus mechanism called Proof-of-Stake which allows users to stake their Bunscake tokens in order to validate transactions and earn rewards. Bunscake also features advanced security features such as SegWit and Lightning Network to ensure that all transactions are secure and private.