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BlockSAFU is a new cryptocurrency developed to support the safety of digital assets. It was designed by a team of experienced blockchain developers led by the renowned cryptographer, Li Jun. BlockSAFU is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that uses a combination of advanced cryptographic techniques to ensure the security of its users' assets.

BlockSAFU was created with the primary purpose of protecting digital assets from malicious actors and hackers. It uses a unique proof-of-stake consensus algorithm to provide a secure, trustless environment for digital asset transactions. The BlockSAFU network is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to take advantage of the benefits of decentralization while taking advantage of the security offered by the Ethereum network. Additionally, BlockSAFU supports the use of smart contracts, allowing users to automate their financial transactions. BlockSAFU is designed to enable users to store, transfer, and trade digital assets with confidence and security.