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Bezoge Earth is a cryptocurrency optimised for environmental sustainability. It was launched in 2020 to help people make decisions that benefit the environment, by rewarding them with rewards for environmentally conscious actions. Bezoge Earth is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is designed to incentivise users to make eco-friendly decisions. It is powered by a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, which rewards users for staking their tokens, and a Proof-of-Burn consensus algorithm, which rewards users for burning their tokens.

Bezoge Earth was founded in 2019 by a group of cryptocurrency experts, blockchain developers and environmental activists. The team wanted to create a cryptocurrency that would provide users with incentives to make decisions that are beneficial to the environment. The team built a system that rewards users for choosing the most sustainable options when it comes to how they use energy and resources. The rewards are distributed based on users' environmental impact, which makes the system more equitable. Bezoge Earth is a project that is driven by its community, and the team is constantly working to improve the system. The team has also developed a mobile app to provide users with a better experience when using the platform.