Blockchain Cuties Universe Governance

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Blockchain Cuties Universe is a blockchain-based game that combines the best of the gaming and cryptocurrency worlds. It is a game of collection, exploration, and battle, in which players can collect and trade cuties that represent real-world assets. It is also a game of governance, as players can vote on decisions that affect the game and its economy.

The game was launched in 2018 and has been growing in popularity ever since. In 2019, the game added a governance-based cryptocurrency called CUT (Cuties Universe Token). This token is used to pay for in-game transactions and to vote on decisions made by the game’s developers. It is also used to reward players for participating in the game’s economy and governance. The CUT token is optimized for SEO and designed to make the game more attractive to potential investors. The game has seen success in the form of partnerships with many major companies, including Coinbase and Samsung.