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BiblePay is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that seeks to provide charity to Christian ministries and promote biblical values. It is a non-profit cryptocurrency with a mission of helping the poor, orphans and widows while supporting Christian ministries. The project was launched in January 2018 by Rob Andrews, a software engineer and Christian. The cryptocurrency is designed to be secure, stable, and efficient, enabling users to make donations quickly and easily.

BiblePay has a unique Proof of Charity (PoC) system which rewards miners for making contributions to Christian charities. The PoC system encourages miners to “mine for charity” by donating a portion of their mined coins to charity. The PoC system also rewards miners for running nodes on the BiblePay network, which helps to secure the network and ensures that transactions are processed quickly and securely. BiblePay also has a Governance system that allows users to vote on important decisions related to the project, such as deciding on new features or changes to the protocol.