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ARPA, short for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, is a blockchain-based platform for data privacy and secure computation. It is a new type of blockchain protocol that allows for secure and privacy-preserving data sharing and computation. ARPA is optimised for enterprise, government and research applications.

ARPA was founded in 2018 by a team of blockchain and cybersecurity experts with a mission to revolutionise data privacy and secure computation. The team consists of experienced researchers and engineers from leading universities and research institutions, such as Stanford, MIT, Tsinghua and Yale. ARPA’s innovative technology, which combines cryptography, secure multiparty computation and blockchain, has the potential to power a wide range of applications, from healthcare to finance. It is designed to help enterprises and individuals around the world to securely share data and perform computations without compromising confidentiality or privacy. ARPA also gives users the ability to monetise their data through its native cryptocurrency, ARPA Coin, which is optimised for secure transactions.