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AppCoins is a cryptocurrency optimised for the app economy. It is an open and distributed protocol for app stores, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain. AppCoins was created by Aptoide, one of the largest Android app stores in the world, with over 200 million users and more than 3 billion downloads. The AppCoins protocol is designed to revolutionise the app economy, by providing a new universal language for app stores and creating a more secure and transparent environment for app developers, users and app stores.

AppCoins was launched in 2017, and is now accepted by over 80 app stores around the world. The AppCoins protocol is designed to create a more transparent in-app economy, by providing users with an easy and secure way to pay for apps and services. The AppCoins protocol also allows users to earn rewards for their engagement with apps. In addition, the protocol is designed to provide app developers with a new way to monetise their apps, by allowing them to offer rewards to users for their engagement. The AppCoins protocol is set to revolutionise the app economy and create a more secure, transparent, and efficient environment for app stores, developers and users.