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Alpha Coin is a decentralised cryptocurrency that was launched in July 2017. It is a proof-of-stake (PoS) coin, meaning it is less energy intensive than other cryptos and also rewards users for staking coins in their wallet. Alpha Coin is designed for speed and scalability, allowing for quick transactions and low fees. It also has an innovative masternode system that enables users to earn rewards for staking their coins.

Alpha Coin was created as a response to the increasing demand for a more reliable and secure cryptocurrency. Its developers sought to create a crypto that was both fast and secure, and that could scale to meet increasing demand. The team has continued to develop Alpha Coin, adding new features and improving the network's security. Alpha Coin is now a top-tier crypto, offering users a reliable, secure and fast payment solution. The team is committed to continuing to develop and improve the coin, making it one of the most reliable cryptos on the market.