Ankr Staked ETH

USD $1,429.90
stockPerformance 42.611 (2.98%)
Updated: 12 Jan, 2:38 pm UTC
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Ankr Staked ETH is a cryptocurrency optimised for staking on Ethereum. It is a “wrapped” version of ETH that is designed to provide more efficient staking rewards for users. The project was created by Ankr, a blockchain infrastructure company founded in 2018. Ankr Staked ETH is a part of Ankr’s suite of products that are designed to make blockchain technology more accessible and secure. The project was launched in 2020 and is currently available on major exchanges including Binance and Huobi Global.

Ankr Staked ETH is an innovative project that seeks to make staking rewards more attractive and provide users with an easier way to stake their ETH. The project was created with the goal of providing a more secure and user-friendly staking experience for Ethereum users. By leveraging the Ethereum blockchain, Ankr Staked ETH is able to provide a higher staking reward rate than traditional ETH staking. Additionally, the project has added features like automatic liquidation and staking rewards that are distributed in real-time. This makes it an attractive option for users looking to maximize their staking rewards.