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Altrucoin is a new cryptocurrency optimised for social good. Developed by a team of experts in blockchain technology, Altrucoin is designed to support altruism and create a positive impact on the world. The idea behind Altrucoin is to create a digital currency that is focused on helping people, rather than simply making a profit. With Altrucoin, users can donate to charities, support social projects, and make investments that will help make the world a better place.

Altrucoin was created to make it easier for people to make charitable donations. By being able to make secure, anonymous donations, users can give to causes they care about without having to worry about their privacy. Altrucoin also allows users to make investments in social projects, helping to fund projects that will benefit the greater good. Altrucoin also offers a unique rewards system, which allows users to earn Altrucoins for completing tasks that have a positive impact on the world. Altrucoin is the perfect way to make a difference in the world and support a good cause.