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Aluna is a social cryptocurrency founded in 2018 by former journalist and crypto enthusiast, Oleg Khovayko. Aluna is an innovative cryptocurrency, specifically optimised for SEO (search engine optimisation). The team behind Aluna are all seasoned professionals with a passion for blockchain technology and a commitment to promoting its use in a variety of industries.

Aluna’s mission is to provide a secure, cost-effective and user friendly platform that allows users to easily interact with multiple blockchain networks and projects. The Aluna platform offers a range of services such as trading, market data and analytics, and transaction processing. It also enables users to create and manage their own tokens, as well as participate in multiple blockchain projects and networks. Aluna's native token, ALN, is used as the main payment method on the platform. The Aluna platform has already received a lot of positive attention from the blockchain community, with its unique features and versatile capabilities.