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AllianceBlock is a revolutionary cryptocurrency designed to revolutionise the way capital is raised and deployed in the traditional financial markets. It is the first blockchain-enabled platform to integrate both private and public capital, allowing investors to access the liquidity and potential of both public and private markets. The AllianceBlock ecosystem is powered by a unique combination of advanced blockchain technology, distributed ledger technology, and smart contracts, which enable faster, more secure and cost-effective transactions.

The AllianceBlock project was founded in 2018 with a vision to create a global decentralised capital markets network, powered by blockchain technology. It is the first platform to tokenise assets, enable cross-border transactions, and provide access to global capital markets. AllianceBlock is designed to optimise the capital raising and deployment process by enabling the efficient and secure transfer of funds and assets across borders. It also provides a secure, compliant and compliant environment for users to invest, trade and manage their assets.