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Akroma is a cryptocurrency optimised for smart contracts and dapps. It was launched in 2018, as a fork of Ethereum Classic and is based on the Ethash algorithm. The Akroma team focuses on decentralising the Ethereum network and making it more secure and reliable.

The Akroma project was founded by a group of blockchain developers, who wanted to create a platform that would make smart contracts more secure and reliable. They wanted to make sure that the code was optimised for transactions and contracts, while also giving users much more control over their funds. The goal of Akroma is to create a safe and secure platform for developers and users to build on top of. Akroma also has its own blockchain explorer, which allows users to view transactions and contracts in real-time. Akroma is also working on launching its own blockchain-based application store, which will enable developers to build and distribute dapps on the Akroma platform.