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Aimedis is a blockchain-based healthcare platform that uses cryptocurrency to facilitate the exchange of medical information and services. It was founded in 2017 by Dr. Jan Marsalek and his team of experts in the healthcare and technology industries. Aimedis provides a secure platform for healthcare professionals, patients and family members to connect, share information, and access medical services.

Aimedis’ technology is based on a secure blockchain infrastructure that enables the seamless exchange of medical information and services. The platform uses cryptocurrencies to facilitate payments for medical services, allowing users to pay for medical services with a secure and anonymous currency. It also provides users with access to medical records, appointment reminders, and patient-doctor communication. In addition, Aimedis provides users with access to a range of medical services, including telemedicine, virtual consultations, and home health care. Aimedis is designed to make healthcare more accessible and efficient, while providing a secure and private environment for users to share and access medical information.