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AidCoin is the token of the AIDChain platform, a blockchain-based platform designed to provide transparency and security to the world of charitable giving. AidCoin is the first cryptocurrency optimised for the charity sector, allowing donors to track their donations from the moment of payment to the moment of receiving funds. It is a project of CharityStars, an international fundraising platform that has raised over $30 million for over 800 charities since its launch in 2015.

AidCoin is powered by the Ethereum blockchain, enabling donors to give funds directly to charities, bypassing traditional financial intermediaries. This helps charities save time and money, as well as ensuring that their donations are secure and transparent. As a result, AidCoin has become the preferred choice for many charities and donors alike, providing them with a secure and reliable platform for donating and receiving funds. As the cryptocurrency sector continues to evolve, AidCoin is well positioned to become one of the leading tokens in the charity sector.