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AGAME is a cryptocurrency developed by the AGAME group and first released in 2018. The AGAME team is a group of blockchain developers, crypto economists, and computer scientists from around the world who are dedicated to creating a decentralised autonomous organisation that is open and secure for everyone to use. The AGAME cryptocurrency is designed to be the world’s first currency that is optimised for gaming, allowing gamers to make fast and secure payments for in-game purchases.

The AGAME network is powered by a customised version of the Ethereum blockchain which features a unique consensus algorithm and a decentralised autonomous organisation. This provides a secure platform for gamers to make transactions with AGAME tokens and also provides a governance system for the AGAME community. The AGAME team also plans to introduce additional features such as smart contracts and decentralised applications to further enhance its platform. The AGAME project is dedicated to providing a secure and transparent platform for gamers to make payments and use AGAME tokens.