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Actifit is an ERC20-based cryptocurrency that was created in 2018 to reward physical activity. It uses a blockchain-based system to track and reward users for their daily physical activity. The cryptocurrency was designed to promote a healthier lifestyle, and to reward those who engage in regular physical activity.

The project was created by two blockchain entrepreneurs, Dror Medalion and Tomer Afek. The founders had the vision to create a cryptocurrency that rewards people for their physical activity and allows them to gain financial benefits from their healthy lifestyle. The project was funded in 2018 by a successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and since then the project has seen remarkable success. Actifit has gained a strong community of users and is now listed on major exchanges such as Bittrex and Huobi. The project is also supported by several large companies, such as Microsoft, Binance, and more. Actifit is currently working to introduce new features and services to its platform, and to expand its user base.