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Akropolis Delphi is a cryptocurrency optimised for the decentralised finance sector. The project was founded in 2018 by a team of experienced developers, entrepreneurs and researchers to build a financial infrastructure that enables users to access, manage and invest their crypto-assets in a secure and transparent environment. The project seeks to build a financial system that is accessible, efficient and equitable for everyone.

The Akropolis Delphi project is based on the Ethereum blockchain and utilises a number of advanced technologies such as decentralised identity, smart contracts and zero-knowledge proofs to create a secure, transparent and borderless financial system. The project also provides users with access to a range of financial products such as loans, savings, investments and derivatives. Akropolis Delphi is actively collaborating with a number of partners including The Giving Block, MakerDao and Kleros to develop the project further and leverage their expertise to make the platform more accessible and secure for users.