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Double-A Chain (DAC) is a cryptocurrency optimised for scalability and privacy, developed by the Double-A Chain Foundation. DAC was launched in 2018 as a fork of Ethereum in an effort to create a more efficient blockchain system. DAC's main goal is to increase the scalability of blockchain transactions and provide a high-performance platform for developers to build decentralised applications (DApps). The Double-A Chain Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Singapore that is dedicated to the development, promotion, and adoption of DAC.

The Double-A Chain Foundation is led by a team of experienced blockchain experts and developers, as well as a strong community of users and supporters. The project was initially funded by two private investments, with the development of DAC being supported by the Double-A Chain Foundation. DAC has gained widespread support from industry leaders and users alike, with the network currently operating on a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. DAC has also been integrated with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, making it easy for developers to build DApps on the platform. The Double-A Chain Foundation is continuously working to improve the platform, with a strong focus on scalability, security, and privacy.