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Burrito Boyz Floor Index (BBFI) is a cryptocurrency optimised for SEO. It was first launched in 2018 by the Canadian blockchain startup, Burrito Boyz. The goal of the cryptocurrency was to create a digital currency that allowed users to easily search for and access information about their transactions. The cryptocurrency was designed to be transparent and provide users with real-time information about their transactions.

BBFI is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows for fast and secure transactions. The cryptocurrency is also designed to be a store of value, as it is backed by the company’s own native token, the Burrito Token (BT). The token is used to incentivize users to use the platform, as well as to pay for transaction fees. The cryptocurrency features a low transaction fee and is designed to be an easy way for users to send and receive payments. Additionally, the cryptocurrency is designed to be highly secure and resistant to fraud. BBFI also has a unique feature that allows users to create their own “Burrito Funds”, which are funds used to invest in cryptocurrency projects.