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Arbidex is a cryptocurrency optimised platform that provides users with a secure and efficient exchange of multiple digital assets. Founded in 2017, Arbidex was created with the main goal of providing a secure and transparent trading experience to its users. The platform is designed to provide a secure and reliable exchange of digital assets across multiple exchanges, allowing users to benefit from the best prices available. Arbidex also offers an AI-based trading assistant and a suite of tools for traders to monitor and manage their portfolios.

Arbidex is powered by its ABX token, an Ethereum-based token which is used to pay for the platform’s services. The ABX token has been used to fund the development of the platform, and it is currently listed on several exchanges, including CoinEx, HitBTC and OKEx. The team behind Arbidex is highly experienced in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, with a strong focus on providing a secure and efficient platform for users. The platform is also backed by a strong network of partners, including Waves, Bancor and Changelly. With its strong team and reliable partners, Arbidex is well-positioned to become the leading exchange of choice for digital asset traders.