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Tenset is an emerging blockchain project that envisions itself to be the bridge between crypto assets and the traditional stock market. It employs the new generation ETF2.0 deflationary token as well as an intelligent staking method. Its goal is to speed up adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain by the financial markets. According to its official website, it is capitalizing on the current state of the economy as it approaches the fourth industrial revolution.According to Tenset's whitepaper, it claims to be the “world’s first deflationary token that combines dividend shares with cryptocurrency projects.” This is due to innovative technologies such as blockchain, decentralized finance (DeFi) and the Internet of Things (IoT), which are becoming highly appealing to enterprises that want to offer consumers innovative solutions. Tenset proposes that while the digital currency market has great potential, traditional stocks should not be neglected as it provides a basis of safety. Thus, it aims to provide the benefits of investing in both asset classes. Furthermore, many companies with excellent potential are unable to develop a mechanism that allows them to steadily generate profits. Hence, Tenset aims to be a long-term operation with the ability to finance itself. Tenset has three phases; the launch of Tenset network, selection of Tenset crypto assets, and bridging Tenset with the market.