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Stone is an open source and decentralised cryptocurrency designed to be used in everyday transactions. It was created by a team of developers in 2013 and was originally named after the town of Stone, England. Stone was designed to be a more secure and reliable digital currency with improved scalability and privacy compared to other cryptocurrencies. Stone has a unique consensus algorithm, called Proof-of-Stake and is secured by a network of masternodes. Stone is also the first cryptocurrency to implement RingCT, a technology that provides privacy to transactions.

Stone has seen rapid growth since its inception and is one of the most highly valued coins in the cryptocurrency market. It has a market cap of over $400 million and is currently traded on major exchanges. Stone is also accepted by a growing number of merchants and services, making it an attractive option for people looking to use cryptocurrency for everyday payments. Stone is dedicated to providing users with a secure, fast and reliable digital currency that can be used for everyday transactions.