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Mundo is a cryptocurrency created to bring people closer together and build a global community. It was launched in 2020 by a team of software engineers, entrepreneurs, and cryptocurrency experts. Mundo is a decentralised digital asset built on the Ethereum blockchain. Its main purpose is to provide a platform for people all over the world to connect and interact with one another, share ideas and experiences, and create a global, interconnected community.

Mundo's goal is to become the global currency of the internet. It offers a variety of features, such as secure, low-cost transactions, a global marketplace for goods and services, and a secure wallet for storing digital assets. The Mundo team is also working on developing a range of applications and services, such as a peer-to-peer lending platform and a rewards system. The cryptocurrency has gained traction in the global cryptocurrency market and is becoming increasingly popular. It is actively traded on various exchanges and is becoming an increasingly attractive option for investors.