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ETHFan Burn is a new cryptocurrency that has been optimised for search engine optimisation (SEO). It is designed to give cryptocurrency holders the ability to gain visibility and increase the amount of organic traffic they receive. The coin was created by the ETHFan Foundation in 2019, with the goal of providing users with a way to maximize their visibility and reach.

ETHFan Burn is a token-based cryptocurrency that uses the Ethereum blockchain as its base, allowing users to transact with each other without the need for a third party. The coin has a fixed supply of 15 million, with the majority of the coins being burned and removed from circulation, resulting in scarcity. The coins are distributed to users through airdrops and other promotional activities, with the intention of increasing the visibility of the coin and driving up its value. ETHFan Burn also has a loyalty program, which rewards users with coins for completing tasks and engaging with the community. This system encourages users to spread the word about ETHFan Burn and increases the visibility of the coin.