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SatoshiCity is the world's first decentralized cryptocurrency optimised for city payments. Launched in 2018, SatoshiCity was created to improve the way cities and citizens transact with each other. It is a blockchain-based platform built to facilitate secure, fast and low-cost payments for all city services, from parking to public transport, as well as shopping and entertainment. The platform provides a secure, open-source system for transactions that are transparent and immutable.

SatoshiCity is committed to providing a secure and reliable payment system for cities and citizens around the world. It is designed to enable faster and more secure payments, reduce costs and eliminate fraud. By using the blockchain technology, SatoshiCity allows citizens to make payments quickly, securely and with minimal fees. The platform also supports the development of smart contracts that allow citizens to quickly and easily access city services. Additionally, it provides a platform for developers to build innovative applications, such as digital identity, digital asset management and smart city applications.